Pengembangan Produk di Kafe Hoax Ancol

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Pengembangan Produk di Kafe Hoax Ancol


The study intended to describe the implementation of product development at Kafe Hoax Ancol, a cafe at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area managed by PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol. The research method used was qualitative descriptive method with the researcher as a key informant. The research informants were the chef, the manager, and the head of product development division. The data collected by participated observation, interviews, and documents analysis. Then the data analyzed by the procedures of data reduction, data display, and data verification.  The research result showed that the product development process at Kafe Hoax initiated by the reviews of food and beverages trends at the local and national level. Inspired by the thoughts from the consumers, chef, and the trends, then the team developed a new kind of menu. The developed product can be western style or Indonesian style, snacks or desserts, with affordable prices. There was no specialized team for product development at the cafe right now, the existed staffs unbrave to innovate with new menu, following the old menu lists from the beginning. At the moment, a part time development product team will test the product before listed at menu lists. After the menu passed from the test, then the marketing team will use social media and brochures to promote the newly developed product.

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